Cervical Radiculopathy

Understanding Cervical Radiculopathy

At the Lansing Chiropractic Clinic, serving the Lansing and Leavenworth area, your pain relief is our primary concern. Our chiropractor is committed to providing quality care for patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. We help patients suffering from auto injuries, sports injuries, personal injuries, work injuries, upper back pain, neck pain, lower back pain, arm pain, leg pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain. We also help patients suffering from cervical radiculopathy. Our team is committed to ensuring you receive optimal relief from cervical radiculopathy. 


What Is Cervical Radiculopathy?

Cervical radiculopathy, also known as a pinched cervical nerve, refers to an irritated or pinched nerve in the neck region that causes pain, weakness, or numbness. The pain can radiate into other surrounding areas such as the arm or chest. It is characterized by a tingling sensation and sharp pain in the neck, shoulder, or arm region.

What Causes Cervical Radiculopathy?

Cervical radiculopathy is caused by inflammation, compression, or damage to the nerve roots around the neck region. The damage, reduction, or inflammation results in alteration in the neurological functioning; causing numbness, weakness, or altered reflexes in the neck , upper back and arm regions. Depending on the extent of the damage, the pain can radiate to other areas such as the shoulders, chest, arms, fingers, or hands. You may experience a tingling sensation, pain, shock, or burning in the affected regions. 

Other causes of cervical radiculopathy include:

  •  Irritation of the cervical nerve root 
  • Traction on the cervical nerve root 
  • A lesion on the cervical nerve root 
  • Degenerative spondylitis changes 
  • A herniated disk 
  • Foraminal narrowing of the cervical nerve root region 
  • Arthritis

How We Can Help

When you experience pain and a tingling sensation in the neck region, shoulder, or weakness in the arms or hands, it’s essential that you schedule a consultation with our office. Our doctor will conduct a physical exam to establish and understand the cause of your cervical radiculopathy. Our chiropractor might ask you to move your neck or arm in different directions to evaluate your range of motion, and perform other orthopedic and neurological examination tests , which will allow us to determine the source of your pain.

If needed, our doctor may send you for other tests such as an MRI scan, CT scan, X-ray, or electromyography to further determine the diagnosis. By conducting these tests, our chiropractor will determine the exact cause of the pain. We provide non-invasive treatment for cervical radiculopathy without the need for painkillers. This includes the use of treatments such as physical therapy, corrective exercises, and hands-on treatments such as Chiropractic Adjustments.

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At the Lansing Chiropractic Clinic we offer pain relief solutions for conditions such as cervical radiculopathy. Our highly trained professional chiropractor provides effective pain relief treatment. Contact us online to schedule your first consultation or to learn more about how we help patients in Lansing, Leavenworth, and surrounding areas live pain-free.


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